Aspire Deco Subohm Kit - UK Aspire Vendor

Hot off the press - we're happy to announce that Aspire is bringing subohm back

The all new Aspire Deco Subohm Kit is a fine piece of kit - some might say it's pure art.

Featuring a modular 18650/21700 battery (Purchased separately), This device can fire up to 80w in 18650 mode or 100w in 21700 mode - the choice is yours!

Available in 4 superb colours, Black, Pearl, Navy & Iron Grey, these colours are simply astonishing and really need to be seen to be believed.

What's that on top you ask? Well! That's the all new Aspire Odan EVO tank. This all new streamlined version of the original Aspire Odan Tank packs a stylish punch, without compromising its already renowned flavour and cloud chucking capabilities.

One more thing - maybe you already have an Aspire Odan Tank, or maybe even an Aspire Odan Mini Tank, but love the look of the Deco Mod? You will be able to purchase this as a standalone device - perfect! 

Available in the same 4 colours as the Kit, this superbly comfortable and reassuringly weighty will be available in Black, Iron Grey, Navy & Pearl