ASPIRE xSUNBOX MIXX... Coming Soon! - UK Aspire Vendor

So by now you should be hyper-aware and hyper-excited for the new Aspire/Sunbox Collab - The MIXX.

A cross country collaboration between Aspire and Italian manufacturer Sunbox brings you an elite and high performing device, in the form of a modular battery regulated device. The device can support 18650 & 18350 batteries.

The device is composed of a 100% CNC machined anodised aluminium & surgical grade stainless steel in 3 colours:

  • Jet Black
  • Full Silver
  • Tuxedo (a black device with a silver battery tube)

Within the device sports Aspire's own ASP chipset, presented within a recessed 0.91" OLED screen on the bottom of the device (to prevent scratching).

The Aspire MIXX is capable of 3 modes, VV, VW & straight bypass, giving you maximum options to tailor your vaping needs.

In VW mode, the device has a maximum output of 60w, which provides plenty of power, yet reserves precious battery life for all the MTL users out there.

One final note, the device weighs a tidy 120g, providing a nice weighty feel to coincide with the high-end machining quality.

The Aspire MIXX is set to take the market by storm. Sign up to our newsletter today to be the first to hear about it's imminent release!