We'd like to introduce and welcome the all new ASPIRE CLOUDFLASK to the family - this is a device that's certainly not to be missed due to it's creative design and massive flavour/cloud production.

The device itself is manufactured from premium stainless steel, weighing a tidy 90g.

Available in one stainless steel colour but featuring 4 different colour pouches, this device is a nice accessory for any vaper.

Battery power lately is at an absolute premium, and with this device you're guaranteed a 2000mAh battery, which is easily enough for a full day's use on a single full charge - which by the way supports a 2a charging input.

Flavour in this device is immense, mainly due to the impressive cloud production - you'll be surprised how good your juice tastes in this!

One other worthy mention - gone are the plastic clips which secure the pod - previous devices struggled with this feature and we're happy to announce that all supporting clips are now made of stainless steel for that solid fit we all need.

What's in the package?