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A Question we get asked all the time... Well fret not, as we're happy to talk about this! We'll start at the top.

(Based on 1st Jan 2020 to August 2020)


Aspire Pockex from UK Aspire Vendor - The best selling Aspire Vape E Cigarette

It should come as no surprise that the mighty Pockex is at number one. This device has been around for a number of years now, and continues to break the mold as not only the most popular Aspire product, but some might say the most popular vaping product. When you look at the finer details, it's easy to see why.

  • 1500mAh internal battery
  • 117.7mm tall
  • 19.7mm wide
  • Easy coil change
  • Huge MTL flavour
  • Long lasting coil life

The Aspire Pockex has everything going for it - nice tidy size yet immense battery life, massive flavour production, solid construction and ease of use.

There's no wonder the Aspire Pockex has dominated the vaping market since it's inception, and it's showing absolutely no signs of slowing down any time soon.


Aspire Zelos 2.0 Mouth To Lung Starter Kit - Buy Online UK Aspire Vendor

We must talk briefly about the differences between the Zelos 1.0 & the Zelos 2.0 first and foremost. Little has changed between the mod (or the battery as some may call it) - this part is nearly identical, sporting a monstrous 2500mAh internal battery and an adjustable wattage feature. The only improvement here is a slight bump in quality with regards to the built in USB port (it's more rugged now).

The main talking point here is the Nautilus 2S Mouth to Lung Vaping Tank.

Not only has this tank seen a complete overhaul from the Original Nautilus 2 Tank, the flavour output and ease of use has been improved also. It now features a child-proof filling opening and a much easier to use filling port. 

The tank itself is a massive improvement over the original, and Aspire should be proud of what they achieved with this tank.


Aspire Nautilus GT Mouth To Lung Vape Starter Kit UK Aspire Vendor Online

This is the first approach Aspire has made in their all new Prestige Range - but with a slight caveat.

The Aspire Glint Mod is a fine device, sporting a single 18650 external battery compartment, this means you can quickly swap out your batteries in the instance where you are running low on steam - this is a wonderful step forward in MTL vaping, as you no longer have to wait around for your device to charge!

Featuring a wattage adjustment function and the capacity to run up to 35w, with a fully charged 18650 inside, you've got yourself a few days battery life without fail!

The tank, now that's something special. The all new Nautilus GT tank is the first full release from Aspire's new Prestige range. A range of high-end high-performance devices aimed at experienced vapers who know what they like, and how they like it.

The Nautilus GT Tank not only is compatible with ALL Nautilus coils, it comes bridled with unmatchable flavour and (for a mouth to lung tank), excellent vapor production. A remarkable step forward for MTL vaping, and as you can see, the future is bright!


Aspire Tigon Kit - Buy UK Online at UK Aspire Vendor

As a huge fan of the Tigon Tank, I was happy to see the Tigon get it's own kit release in the form of the Tigon Kit (Some call it the Tigon stick).

Performance wise, The Tigon Tank sits right up there with the best of them, sporting immense coil life and powerful flavour production. The tank itself can also be upgraded to a bigger capacity with the Tigon Bubble Glass (Sold Separately).

The Battery (or the Mod) has a monstrous 2600mAh battery life, which when coupled with a high ohm Tigon Coil, means you've got battery life for days!


Aspire Cloudflask DTL Vape Kit UK Aspire Vendor Online

Now here's something really interesting!

The Aspire Cloudflask is a built in battery, Direct to Lung Pod Device, with a 2000mAh battery life, bypass mode built in and ENORMOUS flavour, the Cloudflask really is a bespoke cloud chucker, but in a nice and stylish package.

Available in 1 colour (Stainless Steel) with a number of coloured 'pouches', this device sits oh so perfectly in the pocket and looks great in any scenario.

The Cloudflask was designed to be a 'no frills' vape device, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It chucks the clouds, and it looks like a flask! 

You can't go wrong if you want subohm vaping at an affordable price.


Aspire Rover 2 Mouth To Lung Starter Kit Buy Online UK Aspire Vendor

This device we had a personal hand in it's conception and design, and one we hold very close to our hearts.

The Rover II is a surprisingly dinky vape device, measuring in a 108.5mm tall and 36m wide, it's genuinely tiny device when compared to it's performance.

Featuring a 2200mAh battery and an all new Nautilus XS tank, this device is compatible with previous Nautilus X coils, and it's own new Nautilus XS coil - the Rover II is a fantastic sequel to an already amazing and top selling device.


Aspire K Lite MTL Starter Kit UK Aspire Vendor

A relatively unknown device as far as Aspire goes, however this device sits very comfortably in our top 10 best selling vape devices - and rightly so!

A middle ground between 'pen style' vaping and full on 'box mod' vaping, the K-Lite is a tidy gateway to a bigger device that some people absolutely love!

despite it's size, it still boasts a 900mAh internal battery and a maximum output of 5v, this device packs a punch, through it's all new K-Lite Tank. at 2ml capacity and utilising Aspire's BVC coils, you know the quality runs all the way through here.


Aspire Mulus AIO Vape Pod Device Buy Online UK Aspire Vendor Online

Acting as a mid-way point between Aspire's well renowned Pod Devices and the super elite high end Billet Box, the Mulus has brilliant performance and unbridled flavour production. Simplicity is something you will definitely find here.

What else is awesome, is the ability to build your own coils with the Aspire Mulus RBA Deck (Sold separately).

The Mulus truly is a wonderful device, and comes in a range of beautiful colours.


Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Pod Device UK Aspire Vendor

A staff favourite here at UK Aspire Vendor, The Breeze NXT is a wonderful return to form for the famous Breeze Brand. Whilst some mis-steps were taken with the previous Breeze devices, the NXT comes back with a bang, providing not only huge flavour, but a dedicated adjustable airflow function, and either draw or button activation.

It also sports a handy 1000mAh internal battery, meaning your battery will easily last a full day!