Our refund policy

If you purchase a product that proves faulty or not fit for purpose you have the potential right to return it, get a full refund, and if it will cost you more to buy similar goods elsewhere, compensation (to cover the extra cost) as well.

Note however that the right to reject goods and get a full refund only lasts for a relatively short time after which a buyer is deemed to have 'accepted' goods. This doesn't mean that the buyer has no legal redress against the seller, just that he/she is no longer entitled to a full refund.

Instead a buyer is first and foremost entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced. If these remedies are inappropriate, then you're entitled to a suitable price reduction, or to return the goods and get a refund (reduced to take account of any wear and tear).

If goods which are expected to last six months don't, it'll be presumed that the goods didn't conform to the contract at the time they were bought unless the seller can prove to the contrary. In all other situations it's for the consumer to prove their own case (that is, that the problem existed at the time of the contract).


Once you notify us of your intent to return, simply return the product with the original receipt, original packaging and its included accessories to us within 14 days. Once we have received the item(s) we’ll provide you with a refund based on the original payment method within 14 days.


If you have any questions regarding our returns policy please contact us on the details below.

TEL: 01952 743199

EMAIL: enquiries@ukaspirevendor.co.uk

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