What is the TPD?


Article 20 of the TPD is the EU directive that states to all member states of the European Union how to control tobacco.

This legislation is responsible for the ban on tobacco advertising, warning labels and bans on smoking in public places. Since electronic cigarettes have been classed as a Tobacco product the most recent version of the TPD has included them in within the regulations.

The TPD, that the MEPs voted through changed quite considerably after trilogue, so the current proposed regulations, which came into force in May 2016 will now ban e-liquid over 20mgs ml, ban tanks over 2mls in capacity, ban all forms of advertising, impose almost impossible standards of manufacture so effectively banning refillable tanks and leave it up to member states to decide on the flavours available for their citizens which will result in much less choice on the market.



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tpd compliance


tpd compliance