Priming your vape coils is a vital step to ensure a great vaping experience. At UK Aspire Vendor, we know how crucial a properly primed coil is for both the coil’s longevity and the richness of flavour.

We’ve put together a detailed guide to help you master this straightforward but important process, so every hit is as satisfying as the first.

Understanding Vape Coils

The coil is the central component of your vaping device, responsible for transforming e-liquid into vapour.

Imagine the coil as the heart of your vape. It’s housed in metal and generally consists of mesh wire made from materials like kanthal, nickel, or stainless steel. This wire is wrapped around absorbent cotton that soaks up the e-liquid.

When you turn on your device, the battery sends an electrical current through the coil wire, heating it up quickly. This heat vaporises the e-liquid absorbed by the cotton, creating the vapour you inhale.

The interaction between the heated coil wire and the cotton wick is crucial, as it allows for a smooth conversion of e-liquid to vapour, giving you a consistently enjoyable vaping experience.

How to Prime Your Vape Coil

At UK Aspire Vendor, your satisfaction is our priority. To ensure you have a top-notch vaping experience, here’s a guide on priming your vape coils.

Preparing Your Vape Tanks and Coils

For priming sub-ohm coils, start by dripping e-liquid directly onto the wicking holes until the cotton is thoroughly saturated. This step prevents the cotton from burning during your initial use. Once the cotton is well-soaked, insert the coil into the vape tank, fill the tank with your preferred e-liquid, and you’ll be ready to enjoy a smooth and flavourful vape.

  1. Prepare your vape coil, tank, and chosen e-liquid.
  2. Drip some of the e-liquid onto the visible cotton wick of the coil.
  3. Place the coil into the tank or pod.
  4. Fill the tank or pod with e-liquid.
  5. Wait at least 10-15 minutes before firing up your device.

Before you start vaping, wait 10-15 minutes, then take a couple of draws from the mouthpiece with the device turned off. This helps draw the e-liquid into the wicking material.

Next, take a few gentle puffs on a low-power setting. This ensures the liquid feeds into the coil properly.

Finally, you can increase the power to your preferred level. This simple trick helps extend the life of your coil and improves the flavour of your vape.


Priming coils in pod kits is straightforward, especially with pre-fitted coils. Simply fill the pod with your favourite juice while the coil is already installed.

The crucial step is to wait for about 5 minutes. This gives the e-liquid enough time to fully saturate the wick, preventing any unpleasant burnt taste on your initial draw.

Why is coil priming essential?

While some vapers might consider coil priming optional, its importance lies in enhancing your vaping journey significantly.

Enhanced Performance

Priming your coils is akin to preparing for a race; it guarantees smooth operation right from the start. Properly primed coils ensure optimal performance, delivering a satisfying vaping experience right from the first draw. This initial preparation sets the stage for an enjoyable vaping session.


A properly primed coil ensures that the e-liquid vaporizes smoothly, providing a full and clean taste of your chosen flavour.


Primed coils heat the e-liquid more efficiently, resulting in satisfying clouds of vapour without any burnt undertones.

When you prime your coils correctly, you're ensuring top-notch flavour and optimal vapour production that your device is designed to deliver. It only takes a few moments of preparation for hours of the perfect vape experience.

Extending Your Coil's Lifespan

Ensuring your coils are primed isn't just about immediate satisfaction; it's an investment in your vaping experience. A properly primed coil can maintain peak performance for up to a week, ensuring every puff is as fresh and flavourful as the first.

Replacing Coils Regularly

After a week, it's advisable to replace your coils to maintain the fresh taste. Neglecting to prime your coils may necessitate more frequent replacements.

Preventing Premature Coil Failure

Priming your coils acts as insurance against dry hits, those unpleasant burnt tastes caused by insufficiently soaked wicks. Dry hits can irreparably singe the coil's cotton, rendering it unusable.

Ensuring Smooth Vaping

Skipping priming can lead to lingering burnt tastes, signaling the need for a new coil and compromising your vaping experience.

Maintaining Optimal Coil Performance

Keeping your coils in top condition requires proper care and use. This approach ensures consistently rich flavour and robust vapour production.

Choosing the Right E-Liquids

Selecting suitable e-liquids is essential for coil longevity. Just as you wouldn't use diesel in a petrol car, avoid pairing high VG e-liquids with MTL coils as they are incompatible.

Use the right liquid

Ensure you're aware of which e-liquids work best with your device before you begin vaping. For instance, high VG e-liquids are ideal for sub-ohm coils used in high-wattage vaping setups, while nic salts and freebase nicotine are better suited for low-powered pod kits preferred by mouth-to-lung vapers.

Learn about your liquid

Various e-liquids can impact your coils differently. If you enjoy sweeter juices, expect more frequent coil replacements due to their tendency to accelerate wear. Understanding how e-liquids affect your coils ensures you know when to replace them to maintain optimal vaping performance.

Vaping Wattage

Getting your coil primed is just the start; you’ve also got to vape at the right power level to keep things running smoothly. Coils are made for either strong, high-power vaping or more relaxed, low-power use.

If you stick to the wattage that your coil is built for, you’ll get the best performance out of it. Pushing your coil too hard by cranking up the power too much can burn it out, while not giving it enough juice can mean weak vapour and a flat experience.

You need to find the sweet spot. Trust us, your vape will thank you by working better for longer.

New Coils

Whenever you swap in a new coil, don’t forget that priming is a must. It’s like a ‘welcome drink’ for your coil – it ensures the wick is fully soaked with e-liquid, so you get the full flavour from the first draw and avoid any burnt tastes.

And here’s a tip for when you’re just topping up your e-liquid: patience is a virtue. Give the liquid a few minutes to seep into the coil before you take a puff.

This mini-priming session helps to enhance the taste and can also extend the life of your coil. Just a little waiting time means you can enjoy a cleaner, better vape.

What next?

Proper coil maintenance is the cornerstone of a stellar vaping experience. From priming new coils to vaping at the right wattage, every step is key to enhancing flavour and extending coil life.

At UK Aspire Vendor, we understand the nuances that go into perfecting your vape, which is why we offer an extensive range of replacement coils and pods to suit all types of vapers.

Whether you’re a cloud chaser or a flavour aficionado, we’ve got just the coil you need to keep your vape experience smooth and hassle-free.