Wholesale update: Flipping the system & process to your benefit.

Wholesale update: Flipping the system & process to your benefit.

This blog is aimed at our wholesale customers only - We heavily recommend you read this as if will affect your ordering process with us in the near future.

Dear Valued Wholesale and Distribution Customers,

We are pleased to inform you that over the past 18 months, we have dedicated substantial efforts to enhance and refine our ordering process. Acknowledging the limitations of the current system and its lack of user-friendliness, we have tirelessly worked towards creating a more seamless experience for you.

We are delighted to share that this endeavour is now approaching its final stages. After successfully completing the alpha testing phase, we are proud to introduce the official beta version of our new ordering system. To facilitate this testing, we have engaged real-world wholesale volunteers who will provide valuable insights and feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What benefits can I anticipate from this new system?
A: Once the new ordering system is fully operational, you will no longer need to access a separate 'wholesale portal' linked to our main website. Upon logging in with your wholesale credentials, our former retail website will seamlessly transition into a comprehensive wholesale portal. All product prices will be dynamically adjusted to wholesale rates. This intuitive transformation will allow you to conveniently browse and select the Aspire goods you require without contending with a less user-friendly interface.

Q: Are there additional features to enhance the ordering process?
A: In conjunction with the new platform, we have developed a complementary quick-order form. This innovative feature has demonstrated remarkable efficiency gains during testing, reducing order processing times by up to 90%. This means you can now complete your entire Aspire order from a single page. With this significant time-saving advancement, you can allocate more focus towards managing your store and tending to your customers, rather than dedicating excessive time to placing orders.

Q: When will this system be rolled out?
A: Our current phase involves comprehensive beta testing by a select group of testers. This rigorous testing not only evaluates the impact on the ordering process but also identifies and resolves any issues that may have eluded our initial testing phase. Once we have gathered feedback and refined the system, we will initiate a 'soft launch'. During this phase, both the new and old systems will be accessible, accommodating any potential transition hurdles. Upon ensuring widespread awareness and familiarity with the new system, we will retire the old platform and redirect all relevant links to the new interface.

Q: How can I seek assistance if I encounter challenges with the new platform?
A: While we are confident that the new platform will be well-received, we acknowledge that adaptation can sometimes pose challenges. To support you during this transition, our dedicated team of advisors and account managers, all extensively trained, stand ready to provide guidance and maximize your experience with the new platform.

Q: Can I participate as a beta tester?
A: We have thoughtfully selected a diverse group of beta testers who collectively represent various segments of our esteemed wholesale customer base. At this time, all beta testing slots have been filled as we aimed to encompass a comprehensive range of perspectives.

Q: Where can I direct my inquiries regarding this transition?
A: We greatly value transparency and encourage you to reach out with any questions. Please feel free to contact us at dave@ukaspirevendor.co.uk, and we will be more than happy to engage in a productive dialogue.

Thank you for your continued partnership and trust in us. We are excited about the positive transformations that lie ahead and look forward to enhancing your ordering experience.