Aspire UK Veynom LX Vape Kit

Modern Vaping Mastery.


Aspire UK Veynom LX Vape Kit

Introducing The Veynom LX, a marvellous masterpiece melding meticulous craftsmanship with a marriage of timeless tradition and cutting-edge cyber charisma. This vaping marvel promises paramount performance, a plethora of personalised lighting possibilities, a profusion of vaping versatility, advanced assurance attributes, and the choicest quality materials.

Packing a potent 3200mAh powerhouse, this battery is your passport to a day-long odyssey and more! What's more, our lightning-fast Type-C 2A charging tech can rejuvenate your battery faster than a quick coffee break, ensuring you're never left high and dry when it's time to revitalise.


The Veynom LX is a weighty kit, one that oozes quality from every pore!