Disposable Vapes - Are they destined for the bin or here to stay?

Disposable Vapes - Are they destined for the bin or here to stay?

The UK grapples with vaping concerns, including Rishi Sunak's tobacco tax proposal and potential flavour bans, but no disposable vape ban on the horizon.

In recent weeks, the United Kingdom has been buzzing with discussions surrounding disposable vapes. Amidst growing concerns about the health impacts of vaping and its increasing popularity among young people, the UK government has been considering various measures to regulate and potentially restrict the sale of disposable vapes. This article aims to explore the current state of affairs, with a focus on Rishi Sunak's tobacco proposition and the possibility of flavour bans in the UK.

Rishi Sunak's Tobacco Proposition

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently made headlines with his proposal to introduce a new tax on tobacco and nicotine products. While this proposition primarily targets traditional tobacco products, it also raises questions about the government's stance on vaping, including disposable vapes. The tax, if implemented, could lead to increased prices for vapers, potentially discouraging usage, especially among young people.

It's important to note that this proposal has not explicitly called for the banning of disposable vapes. Instead, it seeks to raise revenue and curb tobacco consumption. However, the indirect impact on vaping remains a subject of debate, as some believe that higher prices may lead more people to turn to alternatives like disposable vapes.

Flavour Bans in the UK

The potential for a flavour ban on vaping products in the UK is another topic gaining traction in the media. Various articles have discussed how the UK government is considering implementing restrictions on the wide range of flavours available in vaping products, with a particular focus on those that might attract young people. The concern is that appealing flavours like fruit and candy can make vaping more enticing to adolescents, potentially leading to nicotine addiction.

While these discussions on flavour bans have garnered attention, it's essential to underline that no concrete bans or restrictions on vaping flavours have been announced at this point. The government continues to evaluate the potential risks associated with different flavours and their appeal to various age groups. Therefore, the future of flavour restrictions remains uncertain.

The Current Status

As of the last six weeks, disposable vapes are not banned in the UK. Instead, the government is focusing on other avenues of regulation, such as taxation and potential flavour restrictions, to address concerns related to vaping, especially among young people.

The debates surrounding disposable vapes and vaping products in general are far from over. The government is carefully considering its options to strike a balance between providing adults with a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco and protecting young people from the allure of vaping. Recent discussions led by Rishi Sunak's tobacco tax proposition and the potential flavour bans in the UK signal that the government is actively engaging with the issue, but no outright ban on disposable vapes has been implemented as of now.


Disposable vapes' status in the UK remains unaltered as of the past six weeks, with no outright ban in place. However, the ongoing debate around vaping, spurred by Rishi Sunak's tobacco tax proposal and the possibility of flavour restrictions, underscores the government's efforts to regulate the vaping industry in the interest of public health and safety. Stay tuned for further updates as the UK government continues to deliberate on how best to address the challenges posed by disposable vapes and the broader vaping industry.

Our stance is that whilst we cannot directly intervene with the proposed suggestions from our Prime Minister, we feel that by restricting flavours sold within the United Kingdom could potentially put off smokers from making the switch to vaping, and that this could possibly hinder the ratio of smokers from kicking the habit.

We are watching this news unfold with keen eyes, as this has the opportunity to severely impact the UK's vaping scene and the industry as a whole.